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3 min readOct 10, 2019


This article is from the series “Move to Hodl Hodl” and explains how to move to Hodl Hodl from another P2P exchange.

Let’s delve in deeper together.

First step

…is trivial, it does not exist, all you have to do is move. Hodl Hodl is a peer to peer exchange, and functions similarly to other P2P exchanges. Moreover, we try to reduce barriers to transitioning for our customers.

To move to Hodl Hodl, you only need an account with us, and trading can be started as soon as you have one.

For those who still have questions after reading this series of articles, we would like to summarize and emphasize the following:

On-boarding is free, account registration only takes 30 seconds. Right after registration, everyone can create offers and complete contracts:

  • Hodl Hodl doesn’t have KYC/AML procedures, thus, you don’t have to complete verification with us;
  • Hodl Hodl doesn’t hold your funds, therefore you don’t have to send us your cryptocurrency in advance in order to create an offer or complete a contract.

Offer creation process is free, you don’t need deposits or to complete a verification process — everyone can create an offer and start trading right after registration.

Contracts do not significantly differ from contracts on other platforms: the biggest difference is that we don’t hold your funds — in every contract sellers send bitcoins to the escrow right from their wallets, and buyers receive bitcoins from escrow right to theirs.

Everything else stays the same: seller locks the bitcoins, buyer pays the seller, and seller releases coins in favor of the buyer.

Disputes are resolved by Hodl Hodl staff, and the process doesn’t significantly differ from other platforms.

We take full responsibility for resolving the issues, and afterwards, the user that won the dispute can refund (or receive) the locked bitcoins.

Importing information from other exchanges is partially supported: you can already link your Localbitcoins and Paxful profiles to your Hodl Hodl profile to share your existing reputation with our customers (and receive a discounted exchange fee of 0% for a month).

In the near future, we plan to add additional features such as copying existing offers, importing the reputation, and adding crucial features that exist on other platforms that we still don’t have.

Payment methods and currencies that you can use for trading is unlimited, because of the nature of our exchange: you trade with other people, not with us.

In case you want to propose adding a new payment method, please see the previous post of this series.

Moreover, we don’t have any restrictions on payment methods (some other platforms do), and you can even trade for cash through us.

Global availability is one of the key features of Hodl Hodl, the only country where we don’t work is the US.

With us, you can trade and exchange bitcoins to fiat or cryptocurrencies globally, in every country.

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