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Hodl Hodl
1 min readJul 25, 2018

Hey Hodlers,

On July 17th, Hodl Hodl enabled exchange fees, which means that you can start earning money from our referral program. Along with enabling fees, we have changed the withdrawal mechanism for the referral program.

Prior to this, the rules of our referral program were as follows: once a month you would provide us with a release address, where we would send you the rewards you had earned after the last withdrawal from the referral program.

Now, the withdrawal mechanism of our referral program has changed:

  • We pay your rewards automatically and immediately, once your referree successfully completes a trade
  • We send your reward to the address mentioned in your “Trading Settings”
  • For technical reasons related to “dust limit” you only receive rewards from contracts if your reward is greater than or equals to 0.00000546 BTC or LTC.

Everything else remains the same — you invite a user, and once that user completes a trade, you get paid. Depending on how many active traders you have invited (an “active” trader is one who’s had at least one contract successfully completed in the last 3 months) the referral commission rate ranges from 5% to 10% of the exchange fee that Hodl Hodl earns from the trade.

Spread the word & hodl!



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