Hodl Hodl v1.51 New features: updated Chinese translation, API and login process improvements

Hodl Hodl
2 min readMay 1, 2020

The updated Chinese translation is now available on Hodl Hodl, and along with it an upgrade of some of the existing features of the website.

Here is what’s new:

Updated Chinese translation

We previously announced our commitment to enter the Asian market, therefore we are doing everything to support the increased use of our platform, as well as improve the user experience. A vital aspect of this is language, so in the near future we will continue to update and add translations of the site.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Vietnamese translation of Hodl Hodl!


Once again we have added more API improvements, we continuously adjust our API for better trading experience as well as upcoming integrations.

Login process

We have improved our login process by separating it into two steps:

First, the user is asked to enter their email address and password.
Then, if applicable, the two factor authentication window appears.

And more!

In addition to all that, we continue to make the user experience as intuitive and comfortable as possible, so stay tuned for some redesigned pages coming next week!

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