Hodl Hodl Telegram Notification bot

Today we’re officially announcing a new notification system for Hodl Hodl. Starting today you can enable our Telegram Notification bot, and you will be instantly notified about any changes in your contract’s (trade’s) status. Once you’ve activated the bot, you will be notified about:

  • Newly created contracts (trades), including all contract details;
  • Status of your active contracts;
  • Cancelled contracts;
  • Dispute status (disputed, resolved).

By popular demand, our users requested that we improve our notification system. Before, our users were notified through the platform when online, and via email. Now, every user who sets up our Telegram bot will be instantly notified.

How to set up the bot?

  1. Log in into your Hodl Hodl account
  2. Click your username in the top right
  3. Then click the “Edit your profile” button
  4. Scroll right and click the “Notifications” tab
  5. Use the link there to access to the bot

From now on, you will receive all notifications about your trades in Telegram. To stop receiving the notifications, send /stop to our bot.

In future releases, we are planning to add custom Telegram bot settings, to make the user experience even easier.

More announcements are coming this week. Set up our bot and stay tuned!

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