Hodl Hodl public BETA launch

  • Secure: multisig (P2SH) contracts, you control the key to the funds in escrow;
  • Cheap: low fee — max 0.6% per trade (fees will only be implemented beginning July 2018);
  • Decentralized: P2P trades without KYC/AML;
  • Support of native Bech32 Segwit addresses;
  • P2SH-P2WSH Segwit multisig escrow addresses;
  • Truly global P2P cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Trade BTC and LTC;
  • We have a TESTNET version — where you can trade with TESTNET BTC/LTC without risking actual money.
  • Lightning Network integration;
  • Improving mobile version of the Hodl Hodl;
  • Optimizing transaction fees;
  • Increasing security for our users;
  • Adding other cryptocurrencies to the exchange;
  • Integration with wallet providers;
  • Support for more languages;
  • And many other interesting features.
  1. Exchange fee of 0.6% will be applied for every new registered user.
  2. Exchange fee of 0.55% will be applied to your referrals that registered on Hodl Hodl with your referral code. As mentioned above, you can also permanently decrease your exchange fee to this level by referring at least one active trader.
  3. Exchange fee of 0.5% will be applied for every user that has passed verification (verification on Hodl Hodl is absolutely on a voluntary basis, and you can trade without any restriction even without passing it).
  • Overview of the exchange
  • How to use Hodl Hodl
  • How to register on the exchange
  • How to create offers and contracts
  • And many others video.



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Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl


P2P Bitcoin trading & lending platform that doesn’t hold user funds