Hodl Hodl launches a campaign for the Indian market

As a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts, we’re always happy to add one more country to the crypto-friendly list. In light of the latest news, we are holding an initiative for the Indian market to support cryptocurrency adoption.


For the past few weeks already, cryptocurrency trading has been legal in India. Therefore, Hodl Hodl has made the decision to support a positive movement, and to invite the Indian community to try out our platform with a 50% discount.

We are offering every Indian trader to use our unique solution for Bitcoin trading for the whole month, with fees as low as 0.15% per trade.

How to participate?

To get a discount, you need to create an offer and complete at least one contract.

  1. Create an offer with the location — India, and the currency — Indian Rupee (INR).

To create an offer click the “Create an offer” button on the main page, and follow the steps. Don’t forget to make your offer visible by ticking the “Enabled” box at the bottom of the page.

2. Complete at least one contract using Indian Rupee.

Everyone who completes both requirements this week gets a 50% discount on the trading fee for the whole month, from the 23rd of March until the 23rd of April.


All trades on Hodl Hodl are fast, secure & anonymous.

If you are new to Hodl Hodl, do not hesitate to contact us through any of the following channels, we would be happy to help you with onboarding, or to assist you in any other way.

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