Hodl Hodl announces Lightning support

  • What this is about;
  • When Lightning will be available at Hodl Hodl;
  • What’s under the hood.
  1. The contract between buyer and seller is created;
  2. Seller deposits bitcoins from his Lightning wallet;
  3. Buyer pays the seller according to the agreed upon payment method;
  4. Seller releases bitcoins directly to the buyers Lightning wallet.
  • No payment passwords in Lightning contracts;
  • Buyer must enter the invoice in order to receive funds.
  1. When you come to hodlhodl.com
  • In Lightning mode, the site is purple & our logo is lightning;
  • In On-chain mode, the site has a blue theme, with our standard logo.
  1. Contract creation
  • Exchange fee
  • Transaction fees
  1. We don’t want a transaction to get stuck.



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Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl


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