Bitcoin News Recap

Bitcoin , Tether & the city’s token will become de facto legal tender in Lugano

Lugano, Switzerland will become the first European city to have Bitcoin, Tether and its own token as de facto legal tender.

The announcement was launched in a meeting today with the presence of the city’s mayor.

EU lawmakers have removed the ‘Bitcoin ban’ from bill to be approved

Legislative language that appeared poised to ban proof-of-work based crypto assets from the EU is gone from a legislation bill that is set for votes in coming weeks.

The latest version of the EU’s “Markets in Crypto-Assets” or MiCA directive has been stripped of a passage that many feared would lead to a ban on cryptocurrencies that use proof-of-work — namely, Bitcoin.

More than 190 BTC donated to Ukrainian charity

The charity organization have recently started accepting Bitcoin donation for helping create a supply chain from Poland for the people remaining in Ukraine.

Only today the foundation, accessible at received more than 130 BTC.

Big Ukraine’s charitable is accepting Bitcoin donations

Ukraine’s biggest charitable “” is now accepting Bitcoin donations, the foundation announced.

The organization is helping create a supply chain from Poland to the people in Ukraine.

The effort requires founds from all possible sources.

El Salvador’s tourism sector booming after Bitcoin adoption

The country’s tourism minister Morena Valdez said that actual tourist numbers surpassed earlier projections by 30%. The country had expected 1.1 million visitors as part of the sector’s recovery but received a total of 1.4 million.

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