Bitcoin News Recap

US residents can now turn their blood into Bitcoin

OctaPharma Plasma, a U.S based pharmaceutical company that collects plasma for life-saving medications, has partnered with Swan Bitcoin and Spade Payment Solutions to allow individuals to get paid in bitcoin for donating plasma.

The partnership allows plasma donors to receive $100 of bitcoin for their donations up to twice a week in a pilot launch across 32 locations.
Currently, those who donate following that schedule can stack $10,000 worth of BTC in one year.

Off-White now accepts Bitcoin payments

Off-White, an Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label, started accepting Bitcoin payments.

The Milan based company announced this on a recent statement. This move into crypto also takes aim at Gen Z consumers, many of whom see fashion, particularly sneakers, as an alternative asset class to invest in.

Australian gas stations chain to accept Bitcoin payments

“On The Run”(OTR) gas stations chain with over 100 points of sale across Australia will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment method in their stores.
The news came out a few hours ago on Australian media and was announced by Bitcoin Magazine shortly afterwards.

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Bitcoin News Recap

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