Uno de los principios fundamentales por los que siempre se ha esforzado Hodl Hodl es la privacidad. Alcanzar el nivel máximo de confidencialidad hoy en día no es una tarea fácil. En esta publicación, nos gustaría hablar sobre lo importante que es respetar la privacidad humana en la vida cotidiana.

La privacidad es muy importante por diversas razones que no siempre se ven a simple vista. Las principales tienen que ver con las implicancias de NO tener privacidad. Muchas personas pueden verse perjudicadas o disminuidas sus capacidades de acción si el público en general o los gobiernos en particular tuvieran…

One of the core principles Hodl Hodl has always strived for is privacy. Achieving the ultimate level of confidentiality nowadays is not an easy task. In this post, we would like to speak up on how important it is to respect human privacy in everyday life.

Privacy is essential for a number of reasons that are not always obvious. The main ones have to do with the implications of not having it. Many people can be harmed or weakened if there are no restrictions on accessing and using private information by the public or governments. Other reasons are more fundamental…

Estimados usuarios,

La semana pasada publicamos nuestro informe de transparencia y ahora, como prometimos, publicamos una hoja de ruta para el ecosistema Hodl Hodl.

Queremos dedicar esta publicación a nuestra primera actualización importante que se realizará en unas pocas semanas: Lend 2.0, y para describir las mejoras significativas que sucederán con nuestra plataforma de préstamos en los próximos meses.

  1. Contraseña de pago única para cada contrato.
    Por el momento, cada usuario tiene una contraseña de pago para todos los contratos creados a través de la plataforma de préstamos. Y el problema es que solo se puede cambiar cuando no hay…

Dear users,

Last week we posted our transparency report and now, as promised, are publishing a roadmap for Hodl Hodl’s ecosystem.

We want to devote this post to our first major upgrade coming in a few weeks — Lend 2.0 And to outline the significant improvements that will happen with our lending platform in the upcoming months.

  1. Unique payment password for each contract. At the moment, each user has one payment password for all contracts created through the lending platform. And the problem is that it could only be changed when there are no ongoing (active) contracts. After evaluating all…

Esta publicación muestra los resultados de nuestras recientes auditorías de seguridad , las vulnerabilidades encontradas y las acciones tomadas para evitar las posibles consecuencias de las cuestiones de seguridad descritas.

¿Qué sucedió?

A fines de julio de 2021, pasamos por la auditoría de seguridad periódica. Realizamos auditorías de seguridad de forma periódica para nuestras dos plataformas, contratando diferentes empresas de seguridad independientes. Recientemente también hemos contratado a un auditor de seguridad interna. En julio, comenzamos a colaborar con una nueva empresa de seguridad. …

This post discloses the results of our recent security audits, vulnerabilities found, and actions taken to avoid the potential consequences of described security matters.

What happened?

At the end of July 2021, we’ve been going through a regular security audit. We perform security audits regularly for both our platforms, hiring different independent security companies. Recently we have also employed an internal security auditor. In July, we started collaborating with a new security company. As a result of this audit, we have found two vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to users’ payment passwords.

One of them allowed to easily brute…

Dear all,

In this post, we would like to share some news regarding Hodl Hodl:

  1. We have almost completed our security upgrade, and the majority of the existing contracts were successfully migrated to the new escrow addresses. We want to thank all our users for being proactive and helping us ensure even higher security standards.
  2. Next week, we will post the transparency report and a road map for our lending platform. It took us a bit longer to examine everything, but we are almost there.
  3. Our lending platform — — will be relaunched in September. We will add more…

Signed with PGP Key

Dear Users,

After introducing the new security feature — Dynamic Escrows, we have started the contract Migration process. Each user is now requested to change the Payment Password regularly, thus migrating all active contracts to the new escrow addresses.

How does it work?

From now on, the migration of your contracts escrow will happen automatically and regularly. To update your contracts escrow address, you will only need to change your payment password.

When both contract parties: the Lender and the Borrower, have updated their payment passwords, a new escrow address will automatically be generated, and users’ signatures will transfer the collateral from the current…

Dear users,

As a part of our recent Security upgrade, we have enabled the Payment Password update for all users on Lend. Please log in to your account to proceed. Once logged in, you will be asked to change your Payment Password and confirm the change with your old payment password, 2FA code, and account password. Please note that from now on, this mandatory procedure will apply to all contracts regularly. Please inform admin in your contracts’ chat or once your Payment Password has been successfully upgraded.

Those users who already have completed the Migration manually do not need to do it again.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Reach us


Dear all,

As you know, we have recently started the migration process as a part of our new feature — Dynamic Escrows. Here is a short guide on how the migration process works:

  1. You and your counterparty are asked to change your Payment passwords (use only STRONG passwords). Please keep in mind that you need to remember old and new payment passwords and store them in a safe place.
  2. When both counterparties change their Payment passwords, a new multisig escrow address is generated.
  3. After that, your contract will be Liquidated to provide an opportunity for one of you to sign…

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